For Kemmer the spirits of mugger and horse communicate to each other. A strong connection, built upon trust. That requires confidence instead of ego. For most of his life his path was the total opposite.

Growing up Kemmer had little access to Blackfeet culture and was always afraid of the magic deeds people talked about. When he stopped drinking, he felt a growing emptiness. One day he joined a ceremony. A revelation. All of a sudden everything made sense. Kemmer is now part of the Horns, a society dedicated to revitalize their tribal language, culture and identity in the belief that strength comes from a healthy self-image. For Kemmer it’s the first time he feels a genuine sense of belonging.

Today Kemmer runs a Relay team with his family - INII YAWMAHKA (Buffalo Runner). His teenage son Cliff is a gifted rider and his youngest boy Kru competes in youth races. Against all odds Kemmer, his wife Paula and their kids hit races all over the Mountain States.