Browning is the only incorporated town and the headquarter of the Blackfeet Nation, one of the biggest reservations in the West of the United States. A place where the prairie meets the mountains, the Great Plains bordering the snowcapped peaks of the Rockies. It’s the home of the Blackfeet since time immemorial.

While shooting SWIFT CURRENT I met Kemmer. He was attracted by our camera and as he was involved with Indian Relay, an insane spectator sport I wanted to film, we stayed in touch. A year later we drove hundreds of miles with this father of eight. I never learned so much about myself and the world I come from. About my motivations, my fears, my capability to love and hate.

Through Kemmer I understood that life is not measured by its results but how you handle it. If your heart is pure and you found your purpose - even if you fail achieving whatever you set out to do - it is a success. Never give up as to wallow in pain is to remain stagnant.