Yourself / Short Film / Levi’s 501 (SPEC)

“To be one's self, and unafraid whether right or wrong, is more admirable than the easy cowardice of surrender to conformity.” - Irving Wallace

Do I live the way I want to? Everybody knows the feeling which comes with that question. A human dilemma – being torn apart by what you feel is right and what you think is wrong. A film about self-determination. Focusing on the process, the journey – with euphoria and anxiety constantly taking turns. Exploring the “man against self“ conflict the project aims to challenge traditional ways of brand communication.

Featuring music by Ruby Haunt 'Royal Moon' from the Album Sugar

Blond: J. S.
Brunette: Steffan ‘Fin’ Argus
Baseball Catcher: Michael Southworth
Prom Queen: Lauren Faye

Produced by Lili Faerberboeck, Stefanie Goedicke, Felix Antretter
Line Producer Pratyusna Sahoo
Production Assistant Amanda Dyer
Cinematography by Jonas Schneider
1st AC Ramón Seeliger
2nd AC Apoorva Gavarraju
Gaffer Jiang Du
Electricians Bocong Lin, Xiao Wang, Nathan Baldonado, Cassio Mariscotti, Luc Mariscotti
Grip Robert Chuck, Enrique Espinoza Jr.
Art Direction, Production & Costume Design by Julia Halbfas
Production & Costume Design Assistant Quinn Foster
Make Up Michael Cypher, Cheyenne Hernandez
Edited by Thilo Gundelach, David Kuruc
Color by Robin Juenkersfeld
Compositing Marc Angele
Title Design Isabel Latza
Sound by Jan Brett
Composer (Intro Music) Markus Zierhofer
Written & Directed by Thilo Gundelach
Production Company Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg
Made possible by a scholarship of the German Advertising Film Academy

THANKS Deutsche Werbefilmakademie, Michael Duttenhoefer@tpfilm, Claudia Forsthoevel@cfsproduction, Maria O’Driscoll@popcasting
shot on 16mm Kodak 250D & 500T